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We, at GiveX Academy & Consultancy LLP – Mumbai, Concentrate on whole brain education which will build up a big Dream for your Child using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY & BRAINWAVE TECHNIQUES.

GiveX Academy is an established name in the field of Brain Optimization Programs with over 500 Students and 50 Adults trained in this field in the last Three years, we share great pleasure in saying that we are a one large family looking forward to grow together with likeminded people with likewise vision and mission to enhance the quality of as many individuals possible.

Based on extensive research & experiential teaching carried out in Mumbai, our programs like

💎SuperKidz™ is designed to empower kids in age group 4-15yrs with tools that will increase their memory, concentration & focus, boost confidence & remove fear of failure.

💎 DMIT career Guidance test & Counselling will help parents to understand INBORN Intelligence / talent of their child. It’s a Brain mapping test which captures & evaluates FingerPrints of a person [2yrs to 80yrs Age] which represents unique identity. (Non-duplicable)

With the specific knowledge of child’s strength, weakness, Kind of personality ; Parents can guide & help kids to find their ideal career without loosing time, money & energy; ofcourse with help of our qualified Counsellors.

💎 The Awakening – Adult Workshop

A 2-days scientific & experiential workshop designed for 18+ yrs ; to Explore Your True hidden ability & personality which may help to achieve abundant Success in your Business/ Work & Personal Life

You will be trained with impactful aspects like – Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Change management, Health & Fitness, How to achieve desired Money & Success by nurturing positive thoughts. + You may develop BLINDFOLD reading abilities through continuous Practise & training with enhanced intuitive faculty.

💎 “Hobby-Tronics” – Robotics Workshop (Age group 7+ yrs)


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