✅Our Vision
Each child is Genius & unique individual with enormous potential to develop.
Through proper nurturing & a conductive environment, each and every child can blossom into productive & inspiring individuals that contribute to society and live happy fulfilling lives!
✅Our Mission
Established upon a bedrock of High quality standards & aspiration, we aim to nurture creative thinking individuals who do not simply follow but lead!

What is the benefit of SuperKidz MidBrain Activation:

In our two days workshop

Child develops a winning attitude, Will Power and Spiritual Skills. The child can guess a Picture, Colour, Shape And can also read a book with eyes closed (Blind Fold).
Ability that increase Intelligence, Concentration, focus on learning. Child develops Academic Strength, positive personality and sharp mind.

Benefits For Children

  • Develops Concentration [Learn Faster]
  • Expands Memory [Recall when needed]
  • Enriches Intuition [Proper Decisions]
  • Increases Creativity [Focused on Solutions]
  • Improves sports [Better Motor Skills]
  • Balance hormone [Enjoy Health]
  • Enhances Emotional Intelligence [Respond / React]

Benefits For Parents

  • Improves relationship with the child
  • Will learn how to handle children positively
  • Will learn the power of duplication
  • Will be happy to see the child improving in all areas
  • When exercises are done with child, health improves
  • Start of the day with happy feelings
  • Happy mind is productive mind, hence probability of increased income

***Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Customer’s request to cancel a confirmed registration for any class must be received by GACL in writing with valid reason, at least (7) working days prior to scheduled start date of new batch.

No-show on the workshop start date OR cancellation received at the last moment (i.e 3 days prior to final date) will NOT be entitled for any Refund. ALL registration fees paid by customer will be forfeited.

No cancellation are entertained for special discount price / group admissions

No cancellations after workshop is attended completely.

This cancellation policy applies to both onsite and online registrations.

GACL management holds authority and final decision on refunds shall be at its sole discretion and shall be final and binding.