​On attaching ‘Labels’ to your child’s behaviour

Some of you might remember growing up with many labels, like 'Weak in Math' 'Slow eater' 'Chatterbox' 'Non-stop nonsense' 'Attention seeker' 'Careless' 'Useless' And one label that had almost become a self fulfilling prophecy, 'I'm unlucky, my stars are unlucky'. When a parent says this , it shatters the child's confidence. Parents unknowingly are labelling … Continue reading ​On attaching ‘Labels’ to your child’s behaviour


Influence of TV programs on children

Today, Children are greatly influenced by television. Its affect may be positive or negative over the children. Rather than physical activities, they love watching television in their bedroom as an after school activity. With little care you can save your child from the negative effects of the television. 💎 _Restrict the television time_ One hour … Continue reading Influence of TV programs on children