Why ONLY ‘SuperKidz Midbrain Activation’ course for my Child?!

We, at GiveX Academy & Consultancy LLP, Concentrate on whole brain education which will build up a big Dream for your Child using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY & BRAINWAVE TECHNIQUES.
SuperKidz™ mind & skill development weekend workshop is an innovative educational program designed for 36hours (spread across 10 weeks) to develop full potential of human Brain.
Benefits of SuperKidz™ Program:
1. Activation of most powerful Midbrain which creates a bridge between Left & Right hemisphere of our brain.
2. Unique Playway method integrated approach which teaches Yoga, meditation, Dance, Music, Memory Games, Brain Gym & eye-ball exercises.
3. Specially designed Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) workshop to de-stress the weekly school pressure & avoid clashing of School work.
4. Enhance concentration & Focus
5. Boost memory power & Cognitive Thinking ability
6. Increase creativity with social Skills
7. Remove Fear of Failure & performance
8. High will power with emotional stability
9. Polish language skills & experience emotional stability
10. Invest “I CAN DO IT” attitude in Your child
Also, 2-days of training Outcome include significant positive changes such as:
– Stop watching TV & smartphone addiction
– Stop eating Junk food
– Anger & Stress management
– Respect elders
– a Wonderful gift to your child … he/she can See, feel, read, write, play, paint & visualise Colours/ numbers/ pictures etc BLINDFOLDED!!!!
They develop a unique “Skin Vision” where all the 5 human senses (Vision, hearing, Smell, Touch, Taste/ intuition) will support them to display Unbelievable activities – 100% guaranteed result

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