Influence of TV programs on children

Today, Children are greatly influenced by television.
Its affect may be positive or negative over the children. Rather than physical activities, they love watching television in their bedroom as an after school activity.

With little care you can save your child from the negative effects of the television.

💎 _Restrict the television time_

One hour is the sufficient television time. Ask your children to get involve into physical activities and reading books. 

💎 _Shake the leg_

If your child loves to enjoy music on television then you can also find some alternative for it. Buy CDs and play them for your child. You should also dance with your child. Ask him to imitate your actions instead of television vulgar moves. Play some peppy music and also enjoy some dance with him.

💎 _Monitor the activities of your Children_

Closely monitor what your child likes to watch on the television. Ask him to watch the video that you have selected for him. Fast forward the video that you want not to watch with your kid. The video should also be significant and knowledgeable for your child. Don’t allow your kids to watch adult movies or *TV serials.*

It may have the negative effect on your kid. Sometimes even cartoons or funny videos are not good for your child. 

These videos are actually adult content and suitable for teenagers. 

💎 _Also regulate your routine habits_

*Family habits* can also have the negative impact on your child. You should not watch any adult serial or movie with your kid. Maintain a separate room for your child. Most of the urban cities with less space can exposed your kids to unhealthy habits.

✅You can record shows on your television and watch them later when your kid is in bed.

✅Also keep your child busies in other activities like games, books and puzzle.

 ✅Also fix the television at proper location where you can monitor the activities of your child

✅Place the television away from the family area where it can be saved from frequent access.

💎 _Keep your child busies with other activities_

Some parents keep their child busies with television so that they can complete their household tasks. 

But it is not a wise idea & can have the negative impact on their habits and attitude.

Your child requires proper time and response from you

Your assigned activities should be sufficient to make him happy. Also share your daily routine with your child and ask him for the same.

💎 _Effect of reality shows on your child_

Make sure that your child is learning something practical from these reality shows.

He should also realize the difference among the fantasy and real world. Some reality shows are adventurous and inspirational. These shows are good for your child to learn something practical.

These practical reality shows should be enjoyed by complete family. Also explain your child the real meaning of these reality shows and stunts. Your child should not try these stunts at any place without your permissions. For every good stunt, it requires a lot of *practice and dedication*.

Children have become enough smart these days. They can easily differentiate regular TV shows and reality shows.

You must be familiar with a most common reality show Big Boss on television. Most of children love to watch this show on television. This show represents the real activities of famous celebrities. Children are greatly influenced by their life style.

Only parents can teach their child in a positive way to make him more successful in future.
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