​On attaching ‘Labels’ to your child’s behaviour

Some of you might remember growing up with many labels, like
‘Weak in Math’

‘Slow eater’


‘Non-stop nonsense’

‘Attention seeker’



And one label that had almost become a self fulfilling prophecy, ‘I’m unlucky, my stars are unlucky’. When a parent says this , it shatters the child’s confidence.

Parents unknowingly are labelling child’s behaviour and some are in the depth of your child’s subconscious, children retell these stories to themselves. 

Gradually these labels became their reality and their life starts becoming a mess.

It might take a child more than 28 years to realise that he/she was unconsciously living with a label that’s limiting them to live the life I desired.

Now as a parent, you can recognize the importance of seeing your child’s behaviour as only a behaviour and ensuring not to attach a label to it.

So if your child takes a little more time to understand a concept, don’t label ‘Slow learner’ maybe they’ll take a little more time, but I’m sure once their foundation is strong, they’ll grasp things more quickly.

If your child is not ready to share his toy, don’t label ‘selfish’ maybe your child wants to ensure that his toy is going in careful hands.

If your child talks a lot, don’t label ‘too talkative’ maybe he/she is a little more curious to explore their surroundings.

However your child behaves, as a parent you always have a choice to see the behaviour in an empowering way. Try to decode the purpose behind that behaviour and solve that purpose, the challenging behaviour will dissolve gradually.

Today we want you to pause and reflect on the labels you grew up with. 

Are they limiting you in anyway? Are you raising your children with any labels? 

If yes, can you drop it for a moment and have a look at your child’s behaviour with a #nofilter approach.

Think about it… It is really need of the hour 🙏

Only parents can teach their child in a positive way to make him more successful in future.
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